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Practise of Art and Culture in Education

Practise of Art and Culture in Education

The course methodology will ensure the active involvement of the participants in all phases, that is, prior, during and after the delivery of the course. More specifically, upon confirmation that the course will take place, the participants will receive preparatory material (if needed), which will cover all important concepts to be presented during the delivery of the course.

Day 1

  • What is art? What is culture?

Day 2

  • Art and culture to be given in accordance with age groups and the issues to be considered in this case
  • The objectives of arts and culture education

Day 3

  • Relationship between art and culture education with other disciplines

Day 4

  • Presenting pedagogical forms of art classes
  • The observation of the art classes of primary school children

Day 5

  • Use of technology in arts and culture education
  • Practices supporting art and culture education

Day 6

  • Integration of arts and culture courses into the curriculum

Day 7

  • Observation and examination of painting courses in different age groups

Day 8

  • Observation and examination of music courses in different age groups

Day 9

  • Examination and observation of students’ freelance work in the visual arts workshop

Day 10

  • Termination of the program,
  • Certificate ceremony
1 Week 350 Euro \ Participant 2 Week 700 Euro \ Participant
Target Audience
Teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs); - Teacher trainers; - Headteachers; principals; managers of schools;
Length of the Course
One and Two Weeks.

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